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Marsh Pig
Marsh Pig
Marsh Pig
Marsh Pig
Marsh Pig
Marsh Pig
Marsh Pig

Marsh Pig

Marsh Barn, Claxton Corner, Claxton, Norwich, Norfolk , NR14 7HU

Produce: Award winning, hand made British Charcuterie using only Free Range Pork and Rare Breed British Beef.

Meet Jackie & Sarah Kennedy who believe in the highest welfare standard of British Livestock, they only ever use Free Range Pork and Rare Breed British Beef to produce their fantastic range of Award winning, hand made British Charcuterie, with a fantastic range of Charcuterie Boards & Platters.

Marsh Pig is a Norfolk based small family business producing multi-award-winning Free Range & Rare Breed British Charcuterie making everything by hand.

Let’s first look at their livestock because this is so important to us.

Sourced from within East Anglia, all the pork used is from pigs that are mostly Gloucester Old Spot and ALL are genuinely free range, born outside and spend their ENTIRE lives outdoors with access to shelter when they choose. They travel less than 5 miles to the local abattoir. Compassion in World Farming state that only 3% of UK pigs are produced this way. Many “outdoor bred” pigs might be born outside, but infact later spend the majority of the lives reared indoors.

Marsh Pig uses only rare breed Beef: Angus, British White, Old Gloucester, Sussex Red, English Longhorn, Red Poll, Shorthorn, Dexter, Belted Galloway and White Park. In keeping with Real food Hub’s ethos, all the animals are reared in a totally free range and stress free environment, feeding on natural diets of grass, hay and silage, which produces a meat that is slow to mature, thus succulent and full of flavour.

Next let’s look at the cuts of pork used in Marsh Pig Charcuterie production.

Traditionally charcuterie is produced using the shoulder and belly and trim giving a product that is full of sinew and a fat content of between 40-60%.

Marsh Pig only uses Free Range Leg meat in their British Salami and British Chorizo, the meat has been trimmed of sinew and they only add 15% fat.

The result is a much meatier product and no need to pick sinew from your teeth after dinner! They also use high quality herbs and spices, so for instance Paprika from the Del la Vera region in Spain, (it’s expensive but incredible) giving a depth of flavour to Marsh Pig British Chorizo that is unparalleled.

Marsh Pig charcuterie is ethically produced and tastes amazing, it is most definitely British charcuterie at its very best!

Jackie & Sarah Kennedy’s meat charcuterie board and platter packs feature dried and smoked meat selections, try their “Winners Collection Charcuterie Board” featuring a collection their Great Taste Award Winning products.

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