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Thanks for Visiting RealFoodHub

Hi I'm Jenny, founder of RealFoodHub (with much back up from various family members - Mike (Dad), Kate (Auntie), Ged (Brother) and Gareth (Cousin)). I have worked in food and farming pretty much my whole life studying Environmental Economics, managing farmers markets and veg box schemes, and a co-operative of farmers selling their livestock to supermarket processors.

The Way Things Are
In our lifetime we have seen population growth and intensive farming. A pressure to produce more food quickly and cheaply. The use of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides. Feeding animals food that they are not designed to digest. Keeping too many animals in one place. Using lots of water, creating lots of waste, affecting wildlife habitats. Creating food that is not as good nutritionally for us to consume. An increase in diet related illnesses. 

There is a lot of food out there that comes from intensive farming. Ethically is this right for animal welfare, for us nutritionally, or the planet for the next generation? It doesn't seem like the best thing to do long term.



What to do

We think that consuming food that is more a product of nature than industry is better for us and the planet. But with the growing population, there is a pressure to produce more food cheaply, so the conclusion is, why not eat less meat and dairy, but when we do it needs to be the best quality from heritage breed, grass fed animals kept on a smaller scale.

Heritage breeds also give us diversity to our meat and cheese, so many different types across the regions, each with its own winning qualities. 

Why Start RealFoodHub?

We love the quality on offer at farmers markets, buying direct from suppliers, cutting out the middleman. We struggled to find this online, but find our lives too busy to visit farmers markets regularly these days.

We built RealFoodHub to provide a marketplace for customers to find really brilliant British suppliers, farmers, growers, fishers and makers (plus some importers of slow, artisan European food and drink too) all in one place. It's convenient for customers but it encourages these smaller-scale independents to continue putting quality and nature first.


What's Next?

As well as the taste of Real Food being great, it can help improve peoples health. My Dad was diagnosed with diabetes and reversed it through diet, and my brother suffered a rare infection of the spine requiring long term use of strong antibiotics. "Meals that Heal" and exercise made him well again. Both are involved with RealFoodHub and we are on a mission to find more "Food As Medicine" Stories.

We are also looking for the right charity partner as we would love to give something back to the community, motivating us to work even harder.


Money Back Guarantee

We really admire the smaller-scale suppliers, working hard and making a living providing quality food. They are committed to you being totally happy with your order.

If you do feel that something has not been quite right and are not happy with the way they are offering to resolve it, please get in touch with us and we will either replace, refund or give you your money back ourselves.


Thanks again for visiting RealFoodHub and doing your bit for the future of British Real Food. You can read more about Our Values and Real Food or Start Shopping.


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