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Our Values

We have 3 core principles. More Taste, More Nutritious, More Ethical.

We don't like intensive farming it is not good for animals, for our health or for the planet. So we want to offer an alternative at Real Food Hub. We have selected smaller scale independent food and drink suppliers that put quality and nature first because we want to encourage them to continue.


We believe that Real Food which has been grown or raised as nature intended, heritage breed livestock, diverse regional cheeses, organic veg simply tastes better.

Drinks like all-natural juices, coffee, tea, wine, beer, gin are all super additions to a Real Food diet (in moderation of course!) made in small batches these boutique beverages are so much tastier than mass produced drinks.

Farmhouse cheeses, artisan chocolate, and wholesome ingredients, natural foods for real food diets do taste seriously good compared to what is available in most supermarkets.


We believe that our bodies are a “chemical soup” individual to us, which need Real Food to nourish and heal us. People follow different Real Food diets such as Vegan, Paleo, Keto depending on what works for their body.

We believe in eating food in its most natural state partly because it is packed with vitamins and minerals but also if you look at a food label and there are more than 5 ingredients and a lot of unpronounceable names, can this be good?

Natural foods support the immune system, promote gut health, are easy to digest, contain vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that protect us against modern illnesses.


We believe in a food production system that supports nature and a healthy ecosystem, whether producing fruit, veg, meat, dairy, beer, wine, spirits, cheese, chocolate, whole food ingredients, or fishing our oceans.

In the past 60 years in the UK, wildlife has lost much of their natural habitat including over 97% of wildflower grasslands, intensive farming practises have been identified as the main cause of these declines.

In an ideal world the next generation of food producers will evolve without the pressure from industry to use chemicals, then the next generation of children will never need to consume them.

We think everyone should be able to shop with smaller scale suppliers, farmers, growers, fishers and makers who share our values, so they can eat better Real Food.

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