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Northumberland Honey
Wildflower Honey - added pollen

Wildflower Honey - added pollen

Wildflower Honey - added pollen

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This honey is extremely popular due to it's much higher pollen content than usual honey. Approximately 4% of the weight of the jar is fresh pollen which is gathered by Northumberland Honey's own bees during the summer months, a time when hay fever can strike.

This honey has a lovely soft spreadable texture. 

The link between hay fever and pollen is well known, 

The pollen content of this honey is the gathered by the bees in the months of April to June when hayfever symptoms are at their worst and the pollen in the air is at its highest.

This honey can be eaten just as any honey, spread on toast, used in drinks, the options are endless and entirely upto you.

This honey is best taken in small quantities over the winter months when pollen in the air is at it's lowest, with the hope that the next season when there is a large amount of pollen in the air again, you will be more used to the pollen having taken it throughout the winter months.

With the added pollen honey in the jar you will notice more 'bits' these are the pollen granules and will be a multitude of colours, from dark to light, being representative of the wide variety of plants, and tree flowers that the bees have gathered the pollen from.

As we can only harvest so much pollen, and always leave the bees with plenty of their own honey and pollen stores, we can only produce a limited amount of this honey per year.

Store at room temperature 

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Northumberland Honey

Luke & Suzie Hutchinson produce local Northumberland honey, the UK’s first Dry Sparkling Mead (a low sugar alternative to Champagne), and a Floral Mead (similar to white wine and free from tannins), all produced using honey from their own bees. Mazar Cup International Award winners and Countryside Alliance Rural Oscars Finalists.


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