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Northumberland Honey
Northumberland Wildflower Honey - Soft Set

Northumberland Wildflower Honey - Soft Set

Northumberland Wildflower Honey - Soft Set

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The Wildflower Soft Set Honey is a firm favourite with honey lovers. Some of the most pure and natural honey you will encounter. Stirred or 'creamed' for 24 hours before jarring this honey maintains a lovely spreadable and soft creamy texture. Store at room temperature for a lovely buttery honey, enjoyed on warm toast, or dissolved into porridge, smoothies or tea. A great consistency too for simply eating straight off the spoon! 

Produced by the bees of Northumberland Honey Co in the Tyne Valley and Hadrians Wall country, through the spring and summer months. 

How is Wildflower Honey made?
Wildflower Honey is produced by the bees of Northumberland Honey Co, cared for by Suzie, Luke and Anna. The honey is 100% natural, pure, coarsely filtered to retain the natural pollen, and not heat treated. Bees are managed sustainably and with the overall purpose of increasing their number, and ensuring they only ever take the surplus honey and leave plenty for the bees to feed on over the winter months. 

Our bees a free to forage in the Tyne Valley area of Northumberland and Hadrians Wall country, the bees range extends from Haltwhistle, to Hexham. 

Honey Consistency / Texture 

Please note this honey is soft set, technically called 'creamed' as it is stirred for 24 hours prior to bottling, this ensures the honey maintains a nice spreadable consistency, perfect for warm toast, hot drinks, baking, cooking or just eating straight out of the jar! 

Alot of people often ask for clear or runny honey, but take note, often the clear or runny honey is heated treated to ensure it stays runny, which takes away the bulk of the benefits of the honey being natural and raw. Creamed honey is a perfect way to enjoy this pure honey in a format that suits all uses. 
Store at room temperature.


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Northumberland Honey

Luke & Suzie Hutchinson produce local Northumberland honey, the UK’s first Dry Sparkling Mead (a low sugar alternative to Champagne), and a Floral Mead (similar to white wine and free from tannins), all produced using honey from their own bees. Mazar Cup International Award winners and Countryside Alliance Rural Oscars Finalists.


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