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Vegan Trio Bundle

Vegan Trio Bundle

Vegan Trio Bundle

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Supplied by: Slabb | Delivery Details

A delicious bundle of there vegan dark chocolate Slabbs

Raspberry Biscoff

Rich dark chocolate swirled with creamy biscoff spread topped with freeze dried raspberries and crushed biscoff biscuits.

Peanut Butter Pretszel

Dark chocolate swirled with smooth peanut butter, topped with salted mini pretzels and jumbo peanuts

Mint Smash

Dark mint flavoured chocolate filled with cripsy mint pieces, swirled with a mint fondant and topped with crushed mint thins.

The Slabb (they call it Slabb as it's a BIG bar) contains approx 150g of fully loaded chocolate. They are 100% sure you will love it.

Vegan Info:

Due to risk of cross contamination within their kitchen and within some of the ingredients they use (for example Oreos) they cannot legally state these bars are vegan. However these bars are made without any animal products, including but not limited to colourings, flavourings, dairy, eggs, beeswax and gelatine.

Allergen Info:

All of our bars are made in a kitchen where all common allergens are present including nuts, milk, gluten, wheat and eggs. We cannot therefore guarantee that our products are allergy free.


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Orders will be dispatched within 3 working days by Royal Mail 2nd class.

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Meet the retailer


Love Alcohol? Love Chocolate? Then The Slabb chocolate is perfect for you. Their booze-loaded Slabbs of chocolate are a unique treat for someone looking to try something new. 


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