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Fulford House , Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4EA

Produce: Alcoholic filled and non alcoholic chocolates.

Induldge yourself in Boozy Slabb Chocolate. What more could you want? 

The Slabb is a unique brand of alcohol infused chocolate. Each bar is created with the finest chocolate, "fully loaded" with alcoholic ganache and complimentary toppings.

Chocolates and Alcohol are two of the most hotly traded commodities in the World, so why not use them both? This was the thought process behind the creation of The Slabb - 'Slabb was born out of a love of interesting food combinations. Why not combine alcohol with chocolate?'.  

After experimenting with various combinations, and perfecting a way of making their product alcoholic without seizing the chocolate, Slabb Chocolate was born. Taking inspiration from their favourite cocktails, they started creating delicious flavours such as their classic espresso martini bar made with dark chocolate, coffee liqueur and coffee beans topped with a white chocolate drizzle. Yum! 

If you don't drink alcohol however, you're still in luck. The Slabb sell various kinds of their delicious chocolate that contains no alcohol, with flavours such as unicorn and a classic salted caramel.

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