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Duffy's Chocolate
Panama 'Tierra Oscura' 72%

Panama 'Tierra Oscura' 72%

Panama 'Tierra Oscura' 72%

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We don't know much about these beans except that they deliver great flavours and make one of our favourite bars. I buy the whole crop of beans from a small island in Panama direct from the farmer and pay extra for the lovely beans that are well fermented and dried. The first stage in their journey to Cleethorpes is a canoe ride across a lagoon - they are invariably unloaded from a rusty lorry in the rain when they arrive. Vegan-friendly.

Tasting Notes

Light cherries & liquorice with leather & raisins in the aftertaste.

Delivery Details

FREE DELIVERY WHEN YOU BUY 13+ BARS, otherwise £2.00 for 1-2 bars, £2.50 for 3-6 bars and £3.00 for 7-12 bars.


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Orders are dispatched within 1 working day, via Royal Mail Second Class Post.


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Meet the retailer

Duffy's Chocolate

Duffy’s award winning chocolate bars are made from the finest cocoa beans sourced from the same plantation. The roasting and processing is carried out in his artisan kitchen in Lincolnshire and all of his luxury chocolates are lovingly made by hand.


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