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Ajika Hot Chilli & Herb Paste

Ajika Hot Chilli & Herb Paste

Ajika Hot Chilli & Herb Paste

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Ajika is a well-known blend of chillies and fragrant dried herbs and spices. It is traditionally found in regions of the South Caucasus, but until now, no authentic variety has been widely available in the UK.

With its unique heritage, ultra-savoury flavour bursts, tantalising aroma and wide range of applications, Ajika brings something truly different to the world of spices.

Lovingly made based on a generation-old family recipe, using only the best quality natural ingredients, Ajika can be enjoyed as a meat rub or marinade, blended with natural yoghurt, hummus or soured cream, as a base ingredient for curries, soups and pasta sauces, or even as a salad dressing if loosened with oil or water.

Hot Ajika has also recently been chosen by the Editor of Fine Food Digest as one of his favourite products of 2017 (as published in Best Brands of FFD).

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Ajika is a delicious Western Asian Paste that has a versatile and broad flavour, which can be added to many cooked or uncooked dishes and snacks. Its flavour is genuinely different, the heat is subtle and more gradual leaving an after taste making you want more.


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