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Produce: Exotic chilli and herb paste.

Abkhazian cuisine is exotically rich and Ajika is the base ingredient for most of its national dishes as it adds seasoning, heat and delicious aromatic flavours. Ajika really is the spice that makes anything nice!

Gunda Hewitt-Kortava first moved to her mother’s native country of Abkhazia (Ab-Car-zia), which is wedged between the gentle waters of the Black Sea and the lofty heights of the Caucasus Mountains, little did she expect on her return journey to the UK, was to be accompanied by an Abkhazian husband and to have acquired a new-found knowledge and passion for the countries delicious cuisine.

One of the most popular and natural seasonings of Abkhazian cooking is Ajika, a delicious hot red chili paste and an essential ingredient and condiment that Gunda was determined to introduce to the UK.

Ajika is a well-known blend of chillies and fragrant herbs and spices with traditional varieties originating from regions of the South Caucasus Mountains, but until now, no authentic variety has been widely available in the UK.

With its unique heritage, tantalising aroma and wide range of applications, these wonderful chilli and herb pastes bring something truly different to the world of spices.

Taking on the challenge of recreating the paste herself, Gunda used all the traditional ingredients and generations old production methods to create this much loved authentic paste.

Amazingly, she was able to do this by only using natural ingredients to create a truly beautiful and authentic product that would remain 100% natural, allergen free, vegan friendly and so broad in taste that it lends itself well to being used in a myriad of ways for any snack and cooked dish of any cuisine.

The savoury flavour of all her Ajika pastes means they make a superb rub or marinade for meat, chicken and fish, they are excellent mixed with hummus, natural yoghurt or cream cheese and are a fantastic base ingredient for curries, stews, pasta sauces and soups.

A well-known spicy core component of the cuisine of the South Caucasus, now authentically made in the UK, Gunda’s Ajika, aims to revolutionise the UK spice market.

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- Editor's choice at the Harrogate Fine Food Show 2017.

- Chosen as the Editor's product of 2017 as published in Best Brands of Fine Food Digest.

- MasterChef 2017 winner, Saliha Mahmood Ahmed and Olia Hercules, chef and author of the recipe book 'Kaukasis, love to use these products.

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