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Huntsham Outstanding Rare Breed Meat
Huntsham Outstanding Rare Breed Meat
Huntsham Outstanding Rare Breed Meat
Huntsham Outstanding Rare Breed Meat
Huntsham Outstanding Rare Breed Meat
Huntsham Outstanding Rare Breed Meat
Huntsham Outstanding Rare Breed Meat

Huntsham Outstanding Rare Breed Meat

Huntsham Farm, Goodrich, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 6JN

Produce: Longhorn Beef, Middle White Pork, Middle White Suckling Pigs

Huntsham Court Farm is situated in the beautiful Wye Valley and has been in the Vaughan family for nearly 400 years. Now run by husband and wife team Richard & Rosamund Vaughan, their Longhorn Beef and Middle White Pork is in hot demand by many well known chefs including the likes of Heston Blumenthal who has described their Longhorn as the best beef available in Britain during his TV series 'Perfection'!

The Longhorn is rare, but the quality of its meat remains outstanding. These old-fashioned cattle were first bred over 200 years ago and were the breed which made England famous for its fine roast beef. The marbling comes up trumps as it melts beautifully whilst cooking, creating the extraordinary taste and texture demanded by Top chefs.

Huntsham Farm is also famous for their pedigree herd of Middle White pigs. Feedback from so many Chef customers is that the Middle White pork is so succulent and tender that nothing else compares in quality and flavour, the common theme in all their reviews is that it’s simply outstanding.

In the 1930s the Middle White was the pork pig of England. However, to compete with the influx of Danish bacon after the war, farmers started to breed larger, leaner pigs for bacon, so that now the Middle White, the only specialist pork pig, is very rare. Its flavour and crackling are unlike those of any modern pork pig and its fat makes the best roast potatoes in the world!

Huntsham pork sausages are made from the prime meat of their Middle Whites (in contrast to most commercially available sausages) and are served in Michelin starred restaurants and gastropubs throughout the country. Chef’s describe them as expensive but well worth it.

Huntsham pork and sausages are available in a variety of options to suit individual needs. Middle White pigs are not large which means that even a half pig will fit in a domestic freezer drawer.

Suckling pigs from Huntsham Middle White herd are a luxury treat – though not as expensive as you might expect for succulent young meat of this quality. They were on the menu in a number of the UK’s finest restaurants.
They can be supplied butchered for those who want to enjoy this deliciously sweet and fantastic meat.

Another famous Chef and fan of Huntsham Farm is Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley who comments “By using rare breeds we ironically encourage the survival of these fabulous forgotten foods to ensure they are around for years to come.”

There are so many fantastic reviews about Huntsham Farm from UK’s Top Chefs so we wanted to share the below from Rupert Gleadow of Gravetye Manor:

Longhorn beef. What a revelation! The depth of flavour, tenderness and unique marbling of this beef was astounding. More expensive than its Scottish cousin, but the love and attention to detail possible in a smaller farm really shows in the finished product.

Having had such success with the Longhorn beef, I was eager to try Richard’s “Middle white” pork. I bought half a pig to sample all the various different cuts. I must say I was a little worried that it would maybe not live up to the amazing experience that was the “Longhorn” tasting.

I needn’t have worried. What a sensational animal!! I have never tasted pork like it. Not being a great lover of fatty meats, I was concerned about the generous layer of fat in all the cuts that we tried but it does not have the flavour or texture of any fat I have come across before. I found myself tearing at a slow roasted shoulder, with fat dripping off everything, almost feeling like I had never tasted pork before.

For the second time in as many months, I was convinced that I had found the very finest example of an animal that I had ever tasted. And from the same farm!

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