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Real Farm Meat
Real Farm Meat
Real Farm Meat
Real Farm Meat
Real Farm Meat

Real Farm Meat

Kirkwood, Dalton, Lockerbie, DG11 1 DH

Lamb, Beef

Voted top by Michelin Star chefs from around the UK, Sha'nnu lamb has taken 30+ years to develop at Kirkwood farm, in South Scotland, specially for taste. Indeed "taste" is the priority at Real Farm Meat.

Shh'annu lamb, just prior to launch in 2021, was tasted at their request, by 21 Michelin Star chefs. 20 of these discerning judges found shh'annu delicious, with a couple of them claiming it was the best they had ever tasted, and 14 of them asking to buy. Since then shh'annu has sold out each year to top restaurants and the main cuts – racks and saddles – have sold out, in advance, to 8 Michelin Star restaurants around the UK for the upcoming season. However sometimes not every part of the lamb is needed by the restaurants, allowing some cuts to be available via the Real Food Hub.

Chefs with the ultimate accolade of Three Michelin Stars, have said of shh'annu “chops were very tender and tasty. The shoulder also had some lovely marbling”, “Flavour and quality undoubtedly very very high..” and “Best tasted in England” (from a French chef!). Alain Roux, Waterside Inn, 3 Michelin Stars, offered a quote: “Shh’annu lamb is a very good quality meat offering tasty, distinct flavours. It has a slightly firm but tender texture and a juicy sweetness. The samples I shared with my team were very enjoyable”.

Shh'annu is not a breed, but a technique – only part of which is breed. The hanging, and age of animal, are equally important. The breed is, however, the “Kirkwood Composite” (a mix of Cambridges, Texels & Suffolks mainly) and has been developed specially for better taste.

Kirkwood is farmed on a regenerative basis, using near organic husbandry methods. Other than in emergencies, for welfare reasons, the lambs feed on grass only, with minimal use of drugs, antibiotics, supplements, vaccines, and minimal chemicals and fertilizers on the land. The lambs never come indoors, as it is unnatural; indeed they grow slowly and naturally. From lambing to rearing they lead a “good life” on beautiful, traditional, lush pastures, full of clover.

Just taste the difference!

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