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Leyburn Hall, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5QA

Grass Fed Beef, Grass Fed Lamb, Free Range Pork

eatTelfit's mission is to create change in our food system, beginning to end, from supporting ethical small scale farming through to promoting the finest producers of sustainable artisan food.

Nationwide, farmland now accounts for 72% of the UK’s landmass. But modern agricultural practices are the largest contributor to the degradation of our once treasured natural environment.

Fortunately, there is a far better way. A new ethos that’s arisen from an old one.

At Telfit, they are reimagining our food system by using an approach that reflects and harnesses the natural systems that are fighting to find a place in our manufactured human environment. They want a world where human beings are integrated into the processes and patterns of nature rather than fighting against them.

The pinnacle of this is regenerative farming.  So all their farmers and suppliers have taken on this mission: to fight back against this tragic loss of biodiversity. Slowing everything down through sustainable and ecologically friendly practices.

By building farms into the natural environment and mimicking the timeless patterns found in nature, farmers have re-learnt the ancient ways of working hand in hand with nature, not against it.

eatTelfit see regenerative agriculture as the pinnacle of this drive to save our planet from any more loss of biodiversity.

Through care for the soil, our most critical yet forgotten ecosystem, our farmers can farm in ways that promote and even accelerate the natural processes we’ve ignored.

These methods carefully integrate biodiversity into the soil, setting off the natural cycles that enable nature to continually build on every step forward we take

Diversity is nature’s greatest strength. Every species has a role to play. Including humans.

eatTelfit work with a number of small mixed farms around Yorkshire. Many of these farmers are moving towards this new way of farming for the first time.

We provide a marketplace for the produce from these farms generating a premium for the farmer providing these invaluable benefits to the planet.

Please join us on their mission to convert and improve our nations food system into a form that can provide for both humans and nature.

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