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Rosamond and Ivy
Rosamond and Ivy
Rosamond and Ivy
Rosamond and Ivy
Rosamond and Ivy

Rosamond and Ivy

96 North Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire, BS16 5SF

Products: Luxury Drinking Chocolate

Rosamond and Ivy run their company as ethically and sustainably as they possibly can, using organically certified and fair trade producers of Raw, Peruvian, Criolla Cacao to produce a rich, silky and luxurious Drinking Chocolate.

Rosamond & Ivy is a family business run by two sisters in the green valleys of west Wales.

They run their company as ethically and sustainably as they possibly can. With gorgeous cardboard packaging which is 100% biodegradable and inner bags made from plant cellulose. Everything they use is recyclable or compostable.

Every ingredient is sourced carefully, for every product, ensuring that the highest possible fair trade standards are met and that the quality is unsurpassable. Shopping with Rosamund & Ivy helps small communities and producers around the world make a fair living wage. Employing local people. offering flexible hours and a decent living wage, so parents can work around the school run.

Pure raw cacao is one of nature’s richest source of magnesium and is abundantly high in antioxidants. Consumption can increase the level of neurotransmitters in the brain giving a heightened sense of wellbeing. It may also help regulate blood pressure, increase libido and promote heart health.

These rich, silky and luxrious hot chocolates are made using the highest quality, raw cacao. All three blends are free from refined sugar and artificial sweeteners - which are carefully sourced from plant based alternatives that are actually good for your health. Then only adding what is needed to make this luxurious drink, no fillers, emulsifiers or artificial flavours.

Using only the purest, Raw, Peruvian, Criolla Cacao from an organically certified, fairtrade producer. The highest quality beans are selected and hand washed in rain water before being air dried at a natural temperature of 30-40 degrees. At this heat the husks of the beans soften and fall off but the enzymes are maintained.  The beans are then shaken to remove all husks leaving cacao nibs. The nibs are slowly ground creating cacao paste before being filtered through a cold press to remove the oils leaving a “cacao press cake“. The final process is a hand mill that powders the cake creating this gorgeous rich cacao powder.

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