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Penlon Cottage Brewery
Penlon Cottage Brewery
Penlon Cottage Brewery
Penlon Cottage Brewery
Penlon Cottage Brewery
Penlon Cottage Brewery
Penlon Cottage Brewery
Penlon Cottage Brewery
Penlon Cottage Brewery

Penlon Cottage Brewery

Penlon Cottage Brewery, Panteg Farm , New Quay , Ceredigion, SA45 9TL

Produce: Fine artisan craft ales.

They are dedicated to brewing beers that create an experience and produce big flavours in every brew......... they lead the way in creating delicious, traditional, slow-brewed, small batch, real ales.


When John and Lisa first decided to turn their backs on the big smoke in London and up sticks to the breath-taking countryside of West Wales, little did they know that this would be their first step towards owning the Penlon Cottage Brewery and their award-winning artisan beers.

Shortly after their arrival to the beautiful Welsh Coastline, John visited a nearby pub, whereupon a chance encounter with a retiring brewer and farmer, led to John returning home the proud owner of the Local Farm Brewery.

Their farm sits right on the edge of the coastline, where they get to watch the weather coming in, feel the wind, the rain and the warmth of the sun and where they create their award-winning Penlon beer.

Each small batch of craft ale is handcrafted using uncomplicated time-honoured methods, and only the purest ingredients go into creating their bottle and cask conditioned ales.

Unpasteurised, unfiltered, unhurried – and not a hint of fish……..

We say ‘not a hint of fish’ because the majority of mass-produced beers use a substance called 'Isinglass' during the fermentation process. Isinglass is a collagen obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish and used mainly for the ‘clarification’ or ‘fining’ of beer, which tends to put a question mark on the suitability of mass- produced beers for vegetarians.

Penlon Cottage Beers use seaweed to clarify their beers ensuring that in addition to being delicious, their craft ales are also completely vegetarian.

The 10 ales, lager and stouts that they produce are all bottle-conditioned. This means that the secondary fermentation of each beer happens in the bottle, so each is a real ale in a bottle.

They can achieve this because all beer is brewed and bottled by hand which allows them to add a dosage of corn sugar before capping. This ‘priming’ is similar to the method used to create Champagne and other sparkling wines. The corn sugar provides additional nutrients to the yeast still present in each bottle, which kicks off a secondary ferment. Over time, this gives each ale its natural sparkle and helps to develop more complex flavours.

Now for the best part…each week after the bottles have been moved to the ageing room, John and Lisa sit down and taste a sample of each, judging how the beer is maturing, carrying out a third gravity test to check the alcohol levels and of course checking that it is as good as it should be. Very arduous this last stage!

If it gets their thumbs up, the beer is ready for sale.

It is a s-l-o-w process and one which they don’t feel the need to rush.



Great Taste award 2015 (two stars) for their Ramnesia Strong Ale

True Taste of Wales - Gold 

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