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Jake's Boost
Jake's Boost
Jake's Boost
Jake's Boost
Jake's Boost

Jake's Boost

Silver Springs , Fishers Wood , Ascot, Berkshire , SL5 0JF

Produce: Healthy, energising nut and seed butter.

Nuts and seeds are real powerhouses when it comes to nutrition. They contain heaps of protein, essential fats, dietary fibre and micronutrients essential for a healthy and happy life. Jakes Boost make delicious, all natural nut & seed butters and are committed to protecting the environment.

Being a pair of regular out door adventurers, Dan Pearce and Ansje Germann were always on the look-out for the healthiest, most energising super food available to give them that extra energy boost to help them through the day.

One of the top energy foods available is a spoonful of nut butter because the combination of healthy fats, good protein and dietary fibre all help with keeping the body in tip top condition.

Despite these health benefits, Dan and Ansje were always left disappointed about the spreads that were on offer because they were usually rammed with additives and high in sugar.

So instead of accepting their lot in life, these tough nut adventurers decided to take up the challenge to make their own healthier nut butter.

Now this decision may be seen by some as using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, but it soon became apparent that their endeavours were ‘nut in vain’ and that they had a real talent for creating healthy nut butter spreads that everyone was……well…. nuts about.

They started experimenting by mixing only nuts and seeds and created 3 blends: SuperBoost, CacaoBoost and TigerBoost.

The nuts and seeds in the mixes complemented each other in terms of health benefits, nutritional profiles and flavour.

Their spreads have been so successful that the Tiger Boost snack pot have been hailed as one of the Top 40 health foods by Women's Health Magazine UK:

Jake's Boost is available in jars as well as convenient snack pots, paired with naturally air dried fruit crisps. The perfect snack on the go, at your desk or whenever you need a little pick-me-up without the unwanted additives.

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