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The Fish Society
The Fish Society
The Fish Society
The Fish Society
The Fish Society
The Fish Society
The Fish Society
The Fish Society
The Fish Society

The Fish Society

Henley Business Park, Normandy, Surrey, GU3 2DX

Produce: Fresh Seafood, Smoked Fish, Shellfish.

The Fish Society really is quite extraordinary. The sheer range of fish on offer is astounding. You could have a different fish every day for almost a year! 

400 products from 150 suppliers, speaking to the same fishermen and local producers time and again since 1999. Fishing for the very best in season, wherever that may be:

  • Among the best Lemon Sole and Turbot from Cornwall
  • Scallops, Organic and Wild Salmon from Scotland, Orkney, Isle of Skye
  • Beautiful tasting, straw -coloured, Smoked Haddock from Grimsby
  • The most delicate Dover Sole from Newhaven
  • Galician Mussels from Spain, Green-lipped Mussels from New Zealand (3 times the size!)
  • Some of the tastiest Prawns from Greenland & Iceland, (requiring no dressing)
  • Super King Prawns from the Far East
  • King Crab from Cornwall and Norway or soft shell crabs from Vietnam
  • Lobster from Maine and Canada or Native Lobster from Scotland
  • Winkles from the same crofter in the Isle of Lewis
  • The sweetest Cromer Crab from Pete who hunts using his wooden beach launched boat

Alistair Blair could buy Salt Cod from Hull, but some of the best Salt Cod comes from Portugal. The Salt Cod in Portugal is so celebrated, it is the Portuguese national dish on Christmas Day. It doesn't come cheap, but it is super high quality and the taste is beyond compare.

Similarly, The Fish Society will source Wild Scottish Salmon in season direct from fishermen. Those Salmon are born in Scottish rivers, swim to Greenland and live there for years before returning, in the summer months, to lay their eggs in the Scottish rivers of their birth!

The Fish Society freeze all their fish and seafood extremely quickly. This keeps the fish and seafood in absolute peak condition for their customers. Alistair Blair's father was the Manager of Birds Eye in Grimsby. As a young boy, Alistair remembers well bringing the peas into the factory to freeze them as quickly as possible, to retain the freshness and the quality. The Fish Society's customers enjoy a wonderful range of products, but it is equally the quality that keeps them returning for more.

The Fish Society was the first online fishmonger, and over 18 years have gradually built up their extraordinary suppliers around local shores and the world. Alistair Blair's original inspiration was the Jane Grigson book "you could have a different fish everyday for almost a year, there are so many different species…" Disappointed with the range of fish on offer around the UK, he started a mail order catalogue business as a hobby, whilst still working as a journalist.

18 years on, he is thrilled to have achieved his mission of supplying a wide range of amazing quality fish and seafood to customer's doors. So are we!

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