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Tea Selection Box (14 days of tea]

Tea Selection Box (14 days of tea]

Tea Selection Box (14 days of tea]


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Supplied by: BRUU | Delivery Details

Choose from 7, 14 or 30 days of tea
✔  Each daily bag contains enough tea for at least 5 cups.
✔  New taste experiences delivered to the door
✔  Great value, as low as 25p per cup of tea
✔  Perfect way to try our famous tea blends
✔  Free delivery + tea egg infuser worth £6.99

Excite your taste buds each morning with the BRUU Tea Selection Box filled with our luxurious gourmet loose teas. It's just like a box of chocolates except with tea.

Inside you'll find a selection of air tight sachets with a different tea waiting to sooth you into your day plus a handy tea egg infuser (RRP £6.99).  Each sachet contains enough of our specially selected tea for a few cups of tea.

You’ll get a mix of different teas which might include black, green, oolong, white, chai, fruit, herbal, mate and rooibos. If you’re lucky you may even find some of our most popular teas like:- If Terry’s Did Rooibos, Festive Warmer, Biscotti Black, The Earl of Winter, Mango Loves Yogurt, Lemon Meets Ginger Green, Lullaby Dreamcatcher, Liquorice Dream, Emperors Seven Treasures, Jasmine Green…

What you'll get?

Selection of fresh gourmet loose teas with enough tea in each for a few BRUU's.

Stainless steel tea egg infuser (RRP £6.99)

Tea guide


Our teas

We pride ourselves on creating truly unique loose tea packed with only the finest natural ingredients. So, expect to find things like whole raspberries, orange segments, rose petals and fresh liquorice in our teas because we don't believe in anything but the best. It's the reasons why they taste so good!

Most our teas are free from nuts, coconuts, dairy and other known ingredients which can cause allergic reactions. However sometimes we do blend teas that contain these ingredients.  We clearly state all our ingredients on every label.

Delivery Details

FREE DELIVERY OVER £10, otherwise £2.99

Shipping Facts

Shipped within 2 working days of order. 

Minimum Order Details

There is no minimum order. 

Customer Services
01748 471 099

Opening Times

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Meet the retailer


Unlike your typical tea bag, Bruu leaves have not been over processed which means they retain all their flavour and nutritional qualities. Bruu ingredients are fresh, healthy and natural ensuring an exceptional cup of tea.


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