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Shropshire Blue

Shropshire Blue

Shropshire Blue

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Supplied by: The Mousetrap Cheese Shop | Delivery Details

I love this Shropshire Blue and it would certainly be among my desert island cheeses if I really had to choose one. Made by the Colston Bassett Dairy like our favourite Stilton (so not from Shropshire at all), it has Annatto added (which is a vegetable colouring derived from Thistles) to give it it’s characteristic red colour. A lovely creamy, yet crumbly blue with a good taste. Slightly sweeter than stilton, it’s just as rich though. Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet, it’s a lovely cheese on a cracker. Perfect with a bit of quince or chutney on a cold winters night. Pasteurised, cow's milk, veg

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