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Teifi Seaweed is Caws Teifi’s Natural Gouda-style cheese with locally harvested seaweed added during the cheesemaking process.

It has a dense, smooth and creamy texture and a mellow flavour that gets stronger with age.

The use of laver seaweed is used which is a popular ingredient in Welsh cuisine.

The seaweed adds a mild saltiness. A great favourite of the late Pavarotti.

This cheese is very versatile and loses nothing when heated.

It's excellent when toasted or grilled; as it melts in strings and it's great on pizzas.

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Caws Teifi Cheese

Teifi Cheese is the longest established artisan cheesemaker in Wales. Over 3 decades, John Savage has become one of the most highly awarded cheesemaker in Britain. Together with his son, John-James they also produce Organic Spirits, at their Distillery on the Dairy. You could be daring and try an organic cheese and organic spirits taster box!


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